ارسال کننده : Amir Hossein sovizi
زبان اصلی مقاله : انگلیسی
محور مقاله : مدیریت منابع انرژی، آب، محیط زیست و فناوری­های نوین در توسعه پایدار شهری
محل انتشار : چهارمین کنفرانس بین المللی پژوهش های کاربردی در علوم و مهندسی - دانشگاه وریج بروکسل (
کد IOI مقاله: XBHF-DHHZC
لینک مستقیم مقاله :

Evaluation of quality improvement and flow rate reduction of runoff by low impact developments - Best management practices methods (LID-BMPs): A case study in Tehran, Iran

Amir Hossein Sovizi 1

Abstract :

Today, the subject of urban flood one of the most important problems in the world. There are many methods for controlling and managing urban flood that one of the most efficient prevention methods is low impact development- best management practices (LID -BMPs). This method is about surface runoff management and control using from LID controls. In recent researches, using from this method has been able to decrease surface runoff. But little researches have been examined its effect on runoff quality. That s why in this article, with using low impact development best management practices method, surface runoff flow rate reduced and also has been improved its quality. Therefore, in this article from Swmm, ArcGIS, google earth and surfer in order to data collection and modeling of the study area used. The results of this article, demonstrated that with using form vegetative swale, green roof and rain garden LID controls have been able to that surface runoff flow rate decreased and also runoff quality compare to without LID controls conditions improved.

Keywords : urban flood, LID BMPs, surface runoff, vegetative swale, green roof, rain garden