Determination of the protective radius of the arrester in the distribution network based on the Isokraunic indexes

seyedeh maryam eftekhari1 Seyed Aboalfazl Eftekhari2 Seyedeh Zeinab Eftekhari3

Abstract :
Distribution systems are considered to be the most extensive parts of a power grid and their protection is a priority. In this paper, we tried to increase the stability of distribution networks versus natural-originated discharge phenomena by locating and optimizing the number of surge arresters. Because distribution networks are more exposed to indirect lightning due to low altitudes, this is why this type of evacuation has been considered and the direct impact of lightning on the lines has been neglected. The final product defines the protective radius of the arrester in a typical latitude and longitude network based on the isocratic indicators of the area.
Keywords : : Protective radius, arrester, Isokraunic

زبان مقاله : انگلیسی
محور مقاله : علوم مهندسی
محل انتشار : کنگره بین المللی علوم و مهندسی ژاپن - TOKYO
آدرس وب سایت کنفرانس :
ارسال کننده : سیده مریم افتخاری
کد IOI مقاله : XBHB-DHGEA
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